How to create an offer

 In the Menu locate "Offers" and click on it:    

"Create New Offer" button on the right side of the page:

Detailed flow on how to create a brand-new offer:

1. Please select the offer type:

Enter a private name for your offer in the "Basic information" section. This is a backend name that will *not* be displayed to the customers. You will see it in your statistics and reports so make sure it's descriptive for your own records:

Set the conditions when your clients will see the pop-up:

  -Trigger Event

  -Offer Type

  -Trigger Product

  -Date range

  -Amount in the Cart

Note: you can select one specific trigger or combine several to target specific clients.

Here are some examples:

- if a specific item is added to the cart, then an offer should appear;

- organize weeks of discounts or hot sale weekends; 

- offer more products/huge discounts if the amount in the cart reaches a specific amount;

2. Click "Set a trigger" to choose the event and/or products after which the offer appears:

Choose the specific stage when a popup with the offer should appear:

  • Add to Cart: The popup will appear after an item is added to Cart. This option lets you choose either Upsell or Cross-sell offer type.
  • Before checkout: The popup will appear after a customer clicks on the "Checkout" button before redirecting to the checkout page. This option lets you choose either Upsell or Cross-sell offer type.
  • After checkout: When a purchase is completed, the popup with the offer will appear. Upsell/Cross-sell options are not available in this case.
  • Selected Pages: You can choose any page created in your store from the drop-down here:

  • Certain Button: you need to specify the class, type, id, or name of the button here. 

To check this, you can use browser inspector:
- open the page of your website where this button is located;
- right-click the button in question and select  Inspect:

- check the right-side panel and locate the marked lines of code

 - above it, you can see the information about this button:

  • type="submit" 
  • class="btn newsletter__submit"
  • name="commit" 
  • id="Subscribe"
  • class="newsletter__submit-text--large"     

You can use these elements and enter them into the field "Paste here code snippet for the button you want the trigger to be assigned to"          

For example, to use class, please copy the value and put a dot before it:


To use Id, please copy the value and put a hash before it: #Subscribe

It's possible to specify more than one button and list them separating with a comma: 

If you choose the event only, your offer will appear every time a client visits a page/clicks a button, etc.

- Set a specific product that will trigger this offer:

  • Products: select one or more specific Products created in your Shopify store;
  • Any Product: the offer will appear each time no matter which item from your store is added to Cart.

 - Date Range and Cart Value are additional features that can trigger your offer:

They can be combined with Event and Product Trigger or you can use them separately without specifying the Product. Simply enter the date range when the offer should be active and/or specify the required price of products in the Cart for the offer to appear:

 We are done with general settings and now it's time to decide which item (service or product) will appear in the popup window!

3. Creating Funnel is the third step in the offer setup. Click on the "Set an Offer" button to start:

Note: Follow the steps one by one to avoid issues in the final stage when saving your offer. In case some fields are left empty, you will see an error: "Some mandatory offer details are missing. Fill in the missing fields to save."

1. Name it:

2. Add a description:

Note: This field is optional. If you wish to be concise, simply remove the checkmark to hide the text entered in the field

3. Choose one product or more and add a discount (if any):

Note: Here you can add multiple items and assign one discount for all of them. After that, click on '+' to create another group of products with a different or no discount at all.

4. Set the design and colors in the Templates section, where you can preview and select templates from default or custom collections: 

Right after selecting the template, you can preview the offer layout in the mobile screen simulator on the right.

5. Check/uncheck additional settings in "Offer options":