Below you can find short tutorials on how to start using the App and increase your revenue. After you finish the Read Tutorials section, make sure to hit the "Confirm" button and the App will check out this step as done. As for the next steps, it will be marked as done, if you complete the actions listed on each step. The topics which have not been read are displayed with the 'grey cross' icon.

Check our video tutorial: 

On the Dashboard, you can see the reports and statistics of your revenues. Make sure to set the appropriate timeframes (All Time Period, Last week, Last month, etc) before checking the results:

To check the details of each chart simply mouse over it and the legend will appear in the drop-down:

Dashboard ChartsLine charts, shown below, are better suited to  tracking changes over time with continuous data, check the drop-down on the right as here you can have each of the topics ( Total Views, Added to Cart, Conversion, Conversion Rate, Revenue) to be displayed in a line chart:

The last infographic shows the leaders of the sales:

More performance details through the " Performance" tab.