Honey Helper

Setup check-list is available on the Dashboard for quick and interactive learning of how to use the App.

This section will show your progress on setting up the App from the very first till the final step.

 All you need is to follow the hints and the whole setup process will become easy and hassle-free. After you finish the Read Tutorials section, make sure to hit the "Confirm" button and the App will check out this step as done. As for the next steps, it will be marked as done, if you complete the actions listed on each step. 

There are 7 steps to configure the App:

  • Read Tutorials: go over the most useful guides instead of getting lost in the waterfall of instructions;
  • Create New Offer: choose what products and when to offer your customers, offer discounts, offer more after clients decline or accept your first try;
  • Create A/B Test: compare your offers to brush up the deals and improve sales;
  • Create Funnels: start a dialogue with your clients and offer them an alternative after each client's action (accept/decline offer) only you decide what they will see next;
  • Create Your Design: customize the templates and create unique looks for your offers to grab customers' attention;
  • Activate App: once your offers are ready and styled, go ahead and plug them into your shop!
  • Earn More Money: check the analysis to iron out your deals and make a perfect match!

Once you feel that you are now familiar with basic steps and ready to progress further, you can hide this section by clicking on the close button :