Add More features to our app

We are constantly working on the improvement of our App and would be happy to receive your suggestions on how we can enhance it and make it even better. That's why we have added an easy option for you, our customer, to be heard and put your ideas through! So let's keep in touch :) 

If you have spotted any issues or got an idea of how to improve the app, you can reach the authors directly in the app.

Here are the steps to contact the Author: 

  1. Log into your Shopify account;
  2. Chose the "Apps" section:
  3. Locate "Honey Upsell & Cross-sell" in the list and click on it;
  4. In the Menu locate "More"
  5. Hover over it and choose "Feature Request"

  6. Here you can see two sections: Voting and Suggest a feature
  7. The voting section lists 3 most popular improvement requests. We are constantly reviewing the database with your requests: the ones which get the highest number of votes are implemented and removed from the chart. The new ideas and requests are added for voting with all chances to hit the highest score. If you like any of the ideas, please vote and after that, you can also share your thoughts on the subject in the corresponding form which appears after you click on any available listing: 
  8. If you do not find any of the listed suggestions alluring, or you have a unique idea, be the first to share it with us in "Suggest a feature" section:

9. Fill in the title and description and click the "Add" button. As confirmation of the successful request you will see the following popup: Remember that you will not receive a reply to this inquiry as this form works as a one-way contact channel for non-urgent suggestions for improvement.