How to create Offer Funnels

    Creating Funnel is the third step in the offer setup. 

    Here is a short guide on how to reach this page:

  1. On the Dashboard choose the "Offer" tab:
  2. Click the "Create New Offer" button on the right side of the page: 
  3. Follow steps 1-3 filling out the necessary details:

Step #1: give it a private title

Step #2: define general conditions when the offer should appear

Step #3: create funnel:

1. Click on the "Set up an Offer" button to start:

Note: Follow the steps one by one to avoid issues in the final stage when saving your offer. In case some fields are left empty, you will see an error: "Some mandatory offer details are missing. Fill in the missing fields to save."

2. Name it: (This title will be shown to your customers!)

Add a description (optional): Note: This field is optional. If you wish to be concise, simply remove the checkmark to hide the text entered in the field

3. Choose one product or more and add a discount (if any):

4. Set the design and colors in the Templates section:
Note: Here you can add multiple items and assign one discount for all of them. After that, click on '+' to create another group of products with a different or no discount at all.

Right after selecting the template, you can preview the offer layout in the mobile screen simulator on the right.

5. Check/uncheck additional settings in "Offer options":