How to Filter Offers

By default, all your offers are listed on the Manage Offers area. You can filter this list to show a smaller subset of the offers.

Filtering your offers list can help you find the specific offer that you need to edit, review, or update. From your Offers tab, click the Filters button on the right side of the screen. The filters panel will be displayed. Under Filters, select from the following. If you select more than one option, the filter will show only those offers that fulfill all requirements. 

The following filter options are available:

1. Enter the search words, symbols, or numbers into the field labeled Search Offers, click Enter. The offer list refreshes to show only the offers that have the words, symbols, or numbers in the offer titles, placement, page views, conversions or revenue.
  • Search Offers - Shows the offers that include words, symbols, or numbers that are in their titles, placement, page views, conversions, or revenue.
2. To filter by  Type or Placement, find the drop-down list of the necessary filter, and select an option to display offers matching that option. 
  • Type - Shows the offers that are tagged with the up-sell, cross-sell, or both of the labels.
  • Placement -Shows the offers that are tagged with the specific label: Before Checkout, Add to Card, After checkout, Selected Pages, Certain Button, or All.
  • Before checkout: shows the offers that appear after a customer clicks on the "Checkout" button before redirecting to the checkout page. 
  • Add to Cart: shows the offers that appear after an item is added to Cart.
  • After checkout:  shows the offers that appear when a purchase is completed. 
  • Selected Pages:  shows the offers that appear on selected pages.
  • Certain Button: shows the offers that appear every time a client visits a page/clicks a button, etc.
3. You can also use the drop-down menu of Offer per page filter to limit the number of results on the page to a specific number (10, 25, 50,100) to make it easier to display.
  • Offer per page - shows as many offers per page as were specified for this filter option. Sort your offer list! You can sort your offer list to find the offers that you need. To sort the elements choose the column to sort by and click on the column title or sort arrow icon. 

    You can sort your offer list using the following sort options:
  •  Name - sorts the elements of a list into alphabetical order. 
  •  Placement - grouping offers by the taggd placement label and shows them into alphabetical order.
  •  Date created - sorts offers from oldest on top to newest on top. 
  •  Popup views -  sorts the offer list from the highest to the lowest page view count or vice versa.
  •  Conversions - sorts the offer list from the highest to the lowest conversions count or vice versa.
  •  Revenue - sorts the offer list from the highest to the lowest revenue count or vice versa.