How to clone a design template?

A great feature of Design templates is the possibility to modify them: create a new design based on the old one, test possible layouts without affecting the parent template. All of this can be achieved with the help of Duplicate button.

To clone any design template please follow these steps:

1) Switch to "Design" tab:

2) Scroll down to the list of Templates and choose the one you wish to duplicate;

3) Click on the "Duplicate" button located on the right:

4) Wait a moment as the page reloads with the following success message:

Note: clone will appear under the Custom templates list.

If you create two clones using the same parent template, their names will be absolutely the same: 'Parent name' - clone. Therefore it's recommended to edit the name of the duplicate right after creation. 

To rename the clone please click on the "Edit" button:

When the template opens, locate the name field on the right:

 Change the name and click the "Update" button or continue customizing the clone.