Frequently asked questions

What counts as a view?

Each plan provides a certain number of views. One view is a single display of the offer to a customer.  For instance, when a customer clicks 'Checkout' and an upsell offer is triggered and displayed to the customer, that is counted as a view.

Each Upsell funnel still counts as one view regardless of how many offers your customer sees.

Can I add an existing product and edit the price of it? 

No, you can't add an existing product and edit the price of it in the Offer Manager. However, you can assign a discount to the existing product to change its price.

Alternatively,  you will need either to edit the price of the product or create a duplicate product with a new price. 

Is CSS knowledge required for managing this App? 

No, all the options are customizable in the settings. 

Everything you can only think of can be managed in "Design" tab: colors, fonts, borders, text of buttons, its style, etc.

Can I have an offer shown on mobile? 

Yes, all offers are displayed on all types of screens. You can even create offers solely for mobile and/or desktop view. This option is available during the Funnel creation in "Advanced settings"

Will I get a notification when my plan expires? 

A popup notification will appear on your Dashboard when the total number of views reaches its limit. You will need to upgrade your plan to get more views and continue using the App.

How will the orders be processed? 

There is no built-in checkout processor so customers who add/replace products via Offers will be redirected to the payment gateway set up in your Shopify store.

Why do I get an error "Some mandatory offer details are missing, Fill in the missing fields to save."?

This error appears in case a field/fields was/were left empty when creating an offer. Please scroll up and you will see these fields marked red:

For developers: can I connect to the App using API?

Sure, for this please whitelist your IP address in More => Settings => Free Allowed IP List

Why does the app create draft orders?

What is a Draft order?

Draft orders can be created in Shopify to manually configure an order and send that order to a customer to allow them to check out.

They are listed in Orders > Drafts

Draft Orders allow for more flexible applications of discounts to products. They can also be programmatically created. This is why Honey Apps (as well as many other discount apps on Shopify) leverage Draft Orders.

The app does not prepare a Draft order when the user clicks the checkout button and No discount applied!  When no Discount promotions have been applied, the app will leverage the "standard" checkout!

How does HoneyApps All In One Sales App use Draft orders?

Step 1: a draft order is created upon initiation of checkout

Whenever a customer browses your website and initiates the checkout of a shopping cart that is discounted by HoneyApps, the app will create a draft order.

This draft order contains the content of the cart and applies the HoneyApps promotions to the cart.

Step 2: draft order is converted in abandoned checkout or order

If the customer provides contact details but does not complete the checkout, then the draft order essentially becomes an abandoned checkout. The status of the Draft order remains "Open".

If the customer completes the checkout, Shopify creates an order that is linked back to the draft order for traceability. The status of the Draft order then changes to "Completed" and a link to the order is added to the Draft order.

What is different about a checkout that is created based on a Draft Order?

The key differences between a "standard" checkout and checkout that is prepared by Shopify based on a Draft Order are:

  • No discount code field is available at checkout. HoneyApps provides a solution if you need a discount code field. You can add a custom promotion code field to the cart page. 
  • No "back to cart" link or "home page link" is available. Unfortunately, these links are not available due to the limitations of the Shopify APIs.
  • Shopify Plus scripts are not executed on draft order checkouts. Use our free Sales Channel companion app to work around this.

Can I remove the Draft orders?

Yes, all Draft orders created by the app can be safely removed.

You can also configure the app to automatically remove the Draft orders (with a small delay) from the Settings > General > Advanced menu.