2.1 How to create Cross-Sell funnel?

For creating your cross-sell funnel, click on the button “Create new Funnel” 

In the submenu, choose “Create from Scratch” 

Among all available types, choose to cross-sell funnel 

Firstly, add a name for your funnel and choose funnel type 

What types of funnels look like in a store, you can see here.

Secondary, choose trigger event (on which page, merchants will see pop-up) and trigger (on which product merchants will see pop-up) 

For example: When a merchant looking for iPhone and press the button “Add to cart” he will see a pop-up with recommended products.

Trigger event - “Add to cart”Trigger - iPhone

Then set up products which will be shown in the pop-up 

Also, you can add an add-on product 

We have created many designs, you can choose the most suitable for you or create your own

Finally, you can add rules for your funnels 

Cross-selling and upselling are similar in that they both focus on providing additional value to customers, instead of limiting them to already-encountered products.

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