How to make friends with the dashboard elements?

Our Dashboard is user-friendly and easy-to-use

Navigation Menu: here you can navigate to different tabs of the App:

On the right side of the page, there are few tabs (Dashboard, Up-sell funnels, Bundles, Performance, Design, Settings Translations, Help, Terms and Conditions) and on the left side upgrade subscription, suggest a feature, quick creation new funnel and activation button. 

  1. Dashboard: check setup tutorials and general information and statistics of the most popular offers;
  2. Up-sell funnels: find tools for creating and managing your funnels;
  3. Bundles: find tools for creating and managing your bundles;
  4. Performance: locate the best and the most efficient deals by analyzing detailed statistics presented here; 
  5. Design: customize the templates and create unique looks for your offers to grab customers' attention;
  6. Settings:access advanced settings;
  7. Translations: translate the offers to any language;
  8. Help: check our documentation;
  9. Upgrade subscription: improve  your plan; 
  10. Suggest a feature: contact authors to share your ideas;
  11. New funnel: quick creating and managing your funnel;

Setup check-list: this section will show your progress on setting up the App from the very first till the final step.

On the dashboard go over the setup check-list to grasp the basic idea of the steps of creating an offer. All you need is to follow the hints and the whole setup process will become easy and hassle-free. After you finish the creating funnel, the App will check out this step as done. As for the next steps, it will be marked as done, if you complete the actions listed on each step.

Circle Charts: display the top five offers which generate the highest revenue :

  • Popup Views: total number of times when the offers were displayed to clients;
  • Added to Cart: total number of times an item from all these offers was added to cart;
  • Conversion: the number of times item from the offers was purchased;
  • Conversion Rate: the number of "Conversions" divided by the total number of "Popup views".
  • Revenue: the amount of money generated from top offers;

The colors (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, grey) define a specific offer. Grey color symbolizes all the rest of the offers which scored lower than the top 5. Colors are assigned automatically and cannot be customized in this version of the App. 

When you hover over the chart, the names of the top offers will appear in the drop-down:

To see the number scored by each of the offers separately, you need to hover over the corresponding section:

Make sure to set the appropriate timeframes before checking the results:

  • All Time Period: from the moment the App has been activated (offers started appearing on your website) till the present day;
  • Last 7 days: statistics for the last week (if you're checking it on Wednesday, you will see the report from last Thursday till the current time);
  • Last 30 days: report for the last 30 calendar days (including today);
  • Month to Date: data starting from the 1st day of the current month until the present time;
  • Year to Date: statistics taken from the beginning of the year until today (or from the activation point in case your App is younger than one year);
  • Custom: fill in the "From" and "To" fields to check any other period of your interest. 


4.Line graph shows trends in data over time (also known as time series data). 

The vertical y-axis of the line graph shows the number of views, cart, purchases, amount of revenue while the horizontal x-axis shows the time periods: 4 previous months and generalized data of the previous year (if available). Time value will depend on the period of time during which the App has been active.

Check the drop-down on the right as here you can have each of the topics (Total Views, Added to Cart, Conversion, Conversion Rate, Revenue) to be displayed in a line chart: 

5.Top Offers:shows the top 10 leaders of the sales. Each offer is presented separately here, and you can evaluate its efficiency by the following aspects:

  • Offer Name: name of the offer and the option to sort them by creation date
  • Total Views: total number of times when the offer was displayed to clients;
  • Added to Cart: total number of times an item from all this offer was added to cart;
  • Conversion: the number of times when an item from the offer was purchased;
  • Conversion Rate: the number of "Conversions" divided by the total number of "Popup views".
  • Revenue: the amount of money generated from top offers;

If you click on the screen icon in the end of the row, you will be presented with the visualized statistics and here you can check and compare the results of split testing (if available):

This popup window consists of 3 sections:

General info:

 Line graph:

Circle chart: